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Finding and keeping good people lies at the heart of our business. We recognise that the best people have plenty of choice so we invest significantly in attracting them and once on board we offer them the best cultural and operational environment possible.  All this starts with an initial conversation and the purpose of this section is to give you an overview of who we are and what it is like to work with us. At the same time we are big believers in talking, given the chance we would prefer to have a phone chat or a coffee; in our experience these things start with an informal chat that blossoms over time.

What's Healthcare Recruitment Like

Recruit for a robust, recession protected sector
The healthcare industry is vast with a myriad of professions, roles, products and services that are sold and delivered. The news is full of reports on the effects of an ageing population, dynamic emerging economies such as India, China and Brazil amongst others whose expectations of this vital service are changing. As populations get older and wealthier the demand for healthcare increases. This fundamental principle lies at the core of this industry and we believe it provides a strong backbone, much less cyclical than other sectors and above all growing.

What's It Like Working In Our Team

We are really big on team culture. Over the years we have learnt it's what glues teams in recruitment together, keeps the fun and builds solidarity. At the same time we are a commercial entity with a need to make a profit and its within these principles that we drive our cultural identity.

There is plenty of flexibility and freedom to express your opinions we have regular votes, polls and information / sharing sessions. Once on board, people are welcomed into the group quickly with long term friendships established. We encourage a social team with plenty of incentives, evenings out and team building sessions.

We are also a serious business with serious career minded people looking to build true identities as "go to people" in their sectors. Along with this, comes a certain business focus, targets and above all a very dynamic culture.

We invest a lot of time in getting this blend right.

Our Platform and Pledge To You

We have worked hard to build a fun culture, we also work hard to support our teams as much as possible and over the years we have managed to build out a strong operational backbone.

Our people are introduced to:

  • A robust cloud based technology system with 24 hour support
  • Integrated global database with a full suite of intelligently designed coding systems
  • In house data management function
  • First class marketing and plenty of investment in advertising
  • A well ironed out bunch of systems and processes covering sales and operations
  • Significant investment in two tiers of research
  • Regular updates on performance both individually through graphical dashboards and company / group based.

On this basis please email or call us :

Group MD : Fraser Brown : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / Singapore office



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If you have any enquiries, if you are looking for more information about our group, please refer to the communication areas listed below.

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